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Deadnaming: A One-Way Street For Transgender Activists And Liberal Media Outlets

Why is that within thirty minutes of a male coming out as a transgender female, they have a Wikipedia page with their female name, but a couple years later I’m still getting deadnamed as Jamie Shupe on the site by transgender activists?

Isn’t this crazy considering that the link leads to my page with my name of James Clifford Shupe?

The name is James Clifford Shupe, a biological male, with a male identity and male chromosomes, and you’re committing violence against me by your actions on Wikipedia. Isn’t that what you activists call this behavior?

Ode To Autogynephilia

She’s the woman you love and the woman is you

With each binge and purge, your desire for her continued to surge

To escape her allure, you took a wife

Vowing to change, by building a new life

To ensure she stayed gone, you fathered a child

None of that matters now, she’s back, and it’s time to go wild

As your daughter clings to her mother

Your wife explains, you’ve left them for another

All these years, you’d kept your love for her pushed down

But now you’re being seen with her out on the town

Since the divorce, your closets are no longer male

It’s because, you’ve unleashed that inner female

But being with her has its rules

So to show your commitment, you’ve removed the family jewels

Only to find, that your love for her, is no longer divine

Estrogen: A poem I wrote back when I believed that I was a female.

Estrogen: The Journey

I stood on the edge, with you in my hand, not knowing, where I would land

In a short time, you made me cry, but I knew without you, that I would die

Then, you stripped away my defenses, and bared my emotions, but that’s the point of your magic potion

Soon, you aligned my body, with the one in my mind, but you can’t protect me from those that are unkind

In time, you turned the darkness, into a blue sky, grew my wings, and allowed me to fly

Like a migrating butterfly, my journey is long, but that doesn’t mean, that it is wrong

Now guide me, and protect me from harm, as your winds decide my course, because I am pulled by a gravitational force

Through your air currents, I have been hurled, but now I have landed, to take my place, as a girl in the world

© Author: James Shupe

Media Articles About James Shupe (Formerly Jamie Shupe)

Jamie Shupe became the first person in the U.S. to be legally designated as non-binary on June 10, 2016 in Portland, Oregon.

One of the main reasons for keeping this archive of news articles is to preserve my history and ensure that my Wikipedia page remains truthful, so that it won’t be manipulated by either transgender activists or administrators of Wikipedia, especially after my passing. An example is the removal of interviews I gave to LifeSiteNews by a biased Wikipedia administrator on November 4, 2019.

Wikipedia Administrator David Gerard
Edits By Wikipedia Administrator David Gerard


Biography: On June 10, 2016, in Portland, Oregon, Jamie Shupe became the first person in U.S. history to have their sex legally designated as non-binary. On November 1, 2016, Jamie Shupe became the first person ever in Washington, D.C. to be issued an official document with a sex designation other than male or female when their birth certificate was issued as “unknown” as a result of their non-binary sex change court order. Shupe has since reclaimed his male birth sex and birth name of James Clifford Shupe. After retiring from the U.S. Army as a decorated Sergeant First Class (E-7) after 18 years of honorable military service. 

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Jamie Shupe’s Personal Website

Rollback Of Section 1557 Of The ACA

Proud to have participated in rolling back Section 1557 of the Affordable Care Act:

“As America’s first legally non-binary person, I strongly urge the proposed reform of Section 1557. The previous version of Section 1557 was instrumental in harming me and detaching me from my biological birth sex of male because of its inclusion of non-binary identities and gender identity.

“I have since reclaimed my male birth sex and no longer believe or subscribe to the idea that I have a gender identity.”

Link to Public Comment

My Birth Certificate Has Now Been Restored To Male

Months in the making, I’m proud to announce that on May 1st, 2020, the Washington, D.C. Department of Vital Records restored the sex designation on my birth certificate to male, and restored my birth name to James Clifford Shupe.

Observed as male at birth, my birth certificate correctly identified my sex as male throughout most of my life, until 2014, when the sex marker on document was changed to female, and my name was changed to Jamie Shupe, during my first gender transition. In 2016, after an Oregon court incorrectly declared my sex as non-binary as part of a second gender transition, my birth certificate was changed again, falsely listing my sex as “unknown.”

The legal fiction behind my two gender transitions has now not only been exposed, but also corrected. I am, and have always been, male. To be clear, my birth certificate has not been “amended.” Instead, the document has been restored and reissued to its original and factual state.

James Shupe Male Birth Certificate