Jamie Shupe: Twitter Locked My Account Today

Apparently if someone asks you the question: “Is gender dysphoria a mental illness?” And you answer that question, you get banned from Twitter.

Jamie Shupe banned from Twitter February 11, 2019

Here’s the thing. If you were to look in my Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) medical record, you’ll see that I have a diagnosis for Gender Identity Disorder (GID) and later for Gender Dysphoria (GD) after the name change. The VA treats me at their mental health clinics for this. But on Twitter, I’m not allowed to say GD is a mental illness.

But, wait. This gets even better yet. According to recent Department of Defense (DOD) data, between October I, 2015 and October 3, 2017, the 994 active-duty service members diagnosed with gender dysphoria accounted for 30,000 mental health visits.

Again, how can it be a Twitter hate crime to say GD is a mental illness?

Here’s the Twitter conversation that got my account locked.

@Buttinghill asked:

@Buttinghill In your experience did you expereince gender dysphoria? If so, do you consider GD to be a mental illness akin to a fear or anxiety of being your birth sex? 4:58 PM – 8 Feb 2019

I responded:

@Buttinghill Yes. I consider gender dysphoria as a mental illness. That’s why I don’t support people with GD serving in the military. I also think it can be a learned behavior and can afflict anyone of any age. 5:01 PM – 8 Feb 2019

Public Announcement: I Have Returned To My Male Birth Sex

jamie.shupe.male.drivers.license - copy

I believe that gender identity is a fraud perpetrated by psychiatry, the likes of something the United States and other nations hasn’t experienced since the lobotomy era. As a result, I have returned to my male birth sex.

On January 25, 2019, in the State of Florida, the Marion County Department of Motor Vehicles in Ocala, Florida issued me a male driver’s license. Ocala, Florida has been my home since July 2018.

In the days ahead, I will be taking further steps to restore my birth sex to male more formally.

In my thirty plus year marriage, I am the husband. To my daughter, I am her Father. I no longer identify as a transgender or non-binary person and renounce all ties to transgenderism.

I will not be a party to advancing harmful gender ideologies that are ruining lives, causing deaths and contributing to the sterilization and mutilation of gender-confused children.

My history-making and landmark sex change to non-binary was a fraud based on the pseudoscience of gender identity. I am and have always been male. There should be no social or legal penalty for others to state that.

In addition to supporting the President’s ban on gender dysphoria in the military, I also support President Trump’s policy of recognizing and enforcing that there are only two biological sexes, male and female.

Jamie Shupe